Training / Introduction Flight Info

Our club provides free flight instruction for new members and free intro flights for non-members interested in the hobby by appointment.

New Member Training  

Saturdays - Your Plane: 10:00am - 2:00pm
Saturdays - Our Plane: By appointment
Sundays  -   By appointment only

If you have your own airplane, feel free to drop by Saturdays anytime between 10am-2pm.  On most Saturdays, an instructor will be there to help you.  If you would like to confirm an instructor is available before coming out, make a 
training appointment or call us!  If you don't have your own airplane, it's required to make an appointment so we can have a club trainer waiting for you.

We have our field on Real Flight!  Here is a link to the file you can upload to Real Flight as a Photo Field that is a 360 deg view of the actual field.  Click Here!  File name to download is: OrigRFlite-Trabuco-nocloud-3d_PI.rfx

P.O. BOX 914

(714) 566-5997

Mike Priestley
(949) 632-8493