(714) 566-5997

Mike Priestley
(949) 632-8493

Mike Domokos, Safety Coordinator

Robert McCoy, Treasurer

Simon Turner, Director

Joe Wilson, Field Marshal

P.O. BOX 914

Eric Nelson

Phil Hammel, Secretary


Jonathan Stout, Director of Training

Mike Priestley, Vice President

Craig Kaplan, Director

Eric C. Nelson is only the 2nd President of The Trabuco Flyers.  Eric had the following to say about the current state of our club: “The Board and I feel we have come a long way in the past 30+ years. As a board, we decided that the club’s goal is as follows: We want to be known as one of the premier flying sites in Southern California with the finest volunteer training program the hobby has to offer".

We need more new comers to the hobby including young and old and with that comes training these folks on the basics of flying model airplanes. Safety is a key factor as well as learning to build, proper set up, repair and of course, learning to fly.

"Spread the word about our Club and what it has to offer.”

Board of Directors