The Trabuco Flyers   

Orange County, California     
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What's New!
NOTICE - Although the news reported a structure fire at our field, it was not our club house.  It was the property at the entrance to our field owned by Aegis Labs.  Our facility was untouched and is fully operational.  The debris is still in the process of being removed.

Membership badges for New and Renewed Members are now in the clubhouse.

-Next Event: Memorial Weekend Pig Roast & Fun Fly - May 28th & 29th
Click HERE for details

Trabuco Flyers Pilot Spotlight

Andy Buonauro starts it off as the first pilot to earn the title for the club. 

Mr. Buonauro, as he likes to be called, but since I cant pronounce his name I just always call him “Mr. Fast” is my go to guy whenever I have a engine that cant be made to run properly.  You gotta figure the guy on the flight line that starts his 2-stroke engines with a chicken stick and one flip, knows what he’s doing.  Andy is always ready and willing to help with anything and on top of that he knows what he’s talking about.

 Andy is a California native and has been a Trabuco Flyers club member since coming back from a stint in New Jersey in 1993.  Andy started RC modeling in the 1980’s with sailplanes and then leaving the darkside and coming to powered models.

Building plastic and wood models as a kid, Andy graduated to the aircraft industry professionally as a Structural Mechanical Test Engineer for more than 40 years... maybe thats what it takes to do that one flip start that I always longed for with my engines?


He says that a Kaos with a Jet .46 and homemade retracts is the airplane of choice; sportflying, going fast, and freestyle are the types of flying Andy enjoys most. 

Mr. Buonauro enjoys the building as much as the flying and really likes to see the aircraft fly after all the sawdust from building is cleaned up.


Andy has been retired for two years and is looking forward to many more years of retirement and flying in the club.. so when you see him on the flight line be sure to say a thanks for helping out and maybe introduce yourself if you haven’t met him.


-The 11th Annual Pig Roast photos are now posted.

-Great Article in the OC Register about our Club!

Pig Roast 2014 Video filmed from a Drone
Video includes: 50% Bill Hempel Extra 260, 50% Pitts Model 12, 40% Bill Hempel Clipped Wing Cub, 37% OMP Extra 330SC  Filmed by: Tarot 650 with a GoPro 3 Black Edition on a brushless gimbal
The Trabuco Flyers offers free introduction flights to non-members and free training for new members by appointment.  See the "TRAINING/INTRO FLTS" Tab for more info and to make your appointment.  We look forward to introducing you to a great hobby!


Who We Are

We are a radio control flying club that is located in the beautiful Trabuco Canyon in Orange Country, California. Our members fly a wide variety of planes and helicopters, from gentle electric park flyers to giant scale 3D aircraft and helicopters.
We fly from a 465' x 50' Asphalt runway and taxiway that is well maintained by our members. We also have a covered spectator area with picnic tables and ample parking for our fun flys that are held 4 times a year.

Come visit us. All flyers and visitors are welcome. AMA is required to fly at our site. We have instructors available if you are just starting out. All members are happy to lend a hand in any way possible. Come join the fun at The Trabuco Flyers Club!

About Our Founding

The Trabuco Flyers Club was founded in September of 1991, by six individuals with the desire to provide the young and old with the opportunity to enjoy the building &  flying of radio controlled model airplanes, plus the camaraderie with others involved in our hobby/sport on a continuing basis. We have a paved runway and taxi-ways, pit areas, large oak trees for shade over our picnic area, a large facilities building, complete with air conditioning, heating and our own water supply from a well. We continue to enhance the site as we go. 

Mission Statement

To promote the sport of model aviation through organized activities for all ages and to stimulate community awareness of a safe family environment.

"Thank you for visiting our site and inquiring into The Trabuco Flyers. We appreciate your interest in our organization and believe you will find our facilities to be among the finest in Southern California and our members the friendliest!" - Eric Nelson, President